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C. 1930. 
The front half of the tube has both sides open to received the twine which can be scooped into the opening using the rounded ends of the top & bottom of the tube. The twine is guided to the blade by a loop of heavy steel wire which extends from the front end of the handle to the front of the tube and curvesupward to the top of the tube. The blade is positioned perpendicularly to the bottom of the tube and rises to a position between the wires forming the loop. Stamped Made By Jones Mfg. Co. Pat Pend Col's. O. within a rectangle. This tool was patented May 8, 1923 [1,454,543] by Edwin R. Jones of Columbus, OH who filed an application May 2, 1922. According to the patent, the holedrilled in the end of the handle was intended to accommodate a base (also included in the patent) which would allow the tool to be used in a fixed, vertical position rather than hand held. Little is available about Messer's. It was founded by a Scottish immigrant, John Messer (b. 1840), who emigrate to the USA in 1860 and by 1870 had established a retail confectionery business in Pittsburgh, PA. A city directory for 1900 lists John and Edward Messer with John Messer & Son. Edward (b. 1875) was the youngest son of the founder, who also a son, John L. (b. 1865), who apparently continue the business in Pittsburgh. Official records list the Messer Candy Co. in Pittsburgh, the earliest being in1905 and the latest 1920. John L. is listed in the 1930 census as a confectionery manufacturer, while Edward appears in Cincinnati as a candy salesman, and an E. Messer Confectionery Co. is mentioned in a 1934 Cincinnati record. Obvious signs ofuse with no major defects. 
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C. 1930. 
Copper rod which tapers from a solid, pointed end to 1/4 d. at the upper end, which is hollow with 2 l. splits on both sides. 6 3/4 l. Stamped Pat. Jan. 19 1926 KEX REG. U.S. PAT. OFF.. Patent (No. 1,570,298) was issued to Albert H. Fisher, assignor of one-half to Milan R. Forkapa, of East Cleveland, OH for a tire repairing process in which the needle was used to insert plugs into damaged tires. In 1928, a Canadian patent record shows that the patent's rights had been acquired by The KEX Company. NOTE: Shipping for this item via 1st Class Mail is $3.00. Your shipping charge will appear as $4.00 in the Shopping Cart, but will be lowered before your credit card is charged. 
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Complex bit 1/4 thick. 5/16 d. hollow shank. 1 1/8 w. x 7/8 h. x 1/8 thick oval bow. 2 pairs of collars on the upper shank. 2 3/4 l. Defintely Victorian and possibly Georgian.Expected overall orange peel surface due to old rust, but retains its original patina. NOTE: Shipping for this item via 1st Class Mail is $3.00. Your shipping charge will appear as $4.00 in the Shopping Cart, but will be lowered before your credit card is charged. 
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The frame consists of two 3 x 1 3/4 x 54 l. maple pieces spaced about 1 apart joined at the top and near the bottom by maple crossbars. One of the vertical pieces is impressed with a numbered scale of 36 graduated by the 1/4. A steelcounterweight slides up & down in grooves cut into the inside of each of the vertical pieces attached to which is a steel pointer that rides up & down the face of the scale. Attached to the top of the vertical pieces is a steel mount for a pulley aligned so that a brass plumber's chain attached to the counterweight is pulled between the vertical pieces and attachable to a float (not present). The bottom of the scaled vertical piece has a curved section removed & an oval hole; the other piece has a round hole - the purposes of which are unknown. Scribe marks on both crossbars. Gauges of this type were used in railroad water towers, although they were much taller to measure feet. This gauge. of course, was designed for a lesser vessel. Since it was acquired at a farm sale, it was probably use with a holding tank or cistern for rain water. Very minor signs of use. Net weight about 15 lbs. This item will require special packing. PLEASE INQUIRE ABOUT SHIPPING COSTS BEFORE ORDERING, AS THEY WILL VARY GREATLY DEPENDING ON DESTINATION AND CARRIER. 
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5 Unknown. OLD CAST BRASS KEYS (4).
(1) DOOR KEY: Cast brass. 3 3/8l. Round, solid stem & shank tapering slightly toward bow. 2 thin collars 1/8 apart (2 1/4 from end of stem) & 3rd thin collar just above shoulder. Bow is a thin, oval ring (7/8 x 1/2). 3/4 from end of stem to shoulder. Stem has protruding post. Unmarked. Original patina. Average use. (2) DOOR KEY: Hand lathe finished cast brass. 3 1/2 l. Round, solid stem & shank. Collar on shank (2 1/8 from end of stem). Bow is flat, 7/8 d. with 3/8 d. hole. 7/8 from end of stem to shoulder. Round post hole in end of stem. Bow has oldgrind marks Stem & collar have the concentric lines evidencing hand lathing.Original patina. Unmarked. Average use. (3) WARD KEY: Cast brass with no mold seam. 2 l. Round, hollow shank with 1/4 opening. Flat oval bow (7/8 w. x 3/4h.). Unmarked. Use has heavily polished the key, but it retains its original patina. (4) WARD KEY: Cast brass with no mold seam. 2 l. Round,hollow shank with 3/16 d. opening. Flat 3/4 d. bow. OOO or 000 stamped on the bow. Original patina. NOTE: Shipping for this item via 1st Class Mail is $3.00. Your shipping charge will appear as $4.00 in the Shopping Cart, but will be lowered before your credit card is charged. 
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(1) Steel stem with nickelplated brass bow & swivel. Plain 1/2d. bow. Simple pattern on 1/4d. swivel ring attached to top of bow. 1 9/16 l. overall. Earlier examples of this key were stamped Sept 1st 1874, which this one is not. Some wear. (2) Plain steel with a 1/2 l. teardrop-shaped bow. Split ring attached to the top of the stem by a collar ring. 1 1/4 l. A few spots of corrosion. NOTE: Shipping for this item via 1st Class Mail is $2.50. Your shipping charge will appear as $4.00 in the Shopping Cart, but will be lowered before your credit card is charged. 
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Cast brass cylindrical head with double face & no eye. 1 3/4 l. head with 3/4 d. x 1 w. check sharply narrowing to 5/8 d. throat then flaring to the 7/8 d. faces. Wooden handle held with brass wedge. 8 l. Unmarked. The entire head has many bruises. 
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Multiple piece construction from soldered and crimped seam closed tinplate. 4 d. across bottom. 7 1/8 h. excluding plunger. 13 1/4 h. with plunger retracted. Makes compressedcylinders of free standing potting soil in which to start seeds, eliminating the use of pots. When the block is made and with the proper mix, it holds together during plant root growth. In working condition with overall light rust. 
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Victorian era. 
The back side of the key is perfectly flat. shank, stem & bit The front sides of the shank, stem & the ends of the bit slope downward at the edges. The front 3 1/2 of the bottom of the shank have been hand-champered with a file on both sides, as has the top of the end of the shank. The bit shows evidence of handfinishing. It is 4 1/2 l. & 7/8 w. at the end of shank, which tapers to 1/2 where the shank meets the stem, and is 3/16 thick in the center of the bit & shank. 3 Oz. The purpose of the key is unknown. Typical surface pitting except for the working parts of the bit which are appropriately worn. The structure of the bit alone places this key in the Victorian era. NOTE: Shipping for this item via 1st Class Mail is $3.00. Your shipping charge will appear as $4.00 in the Shopping Cart, but will be lowered before your credit card is charged. 
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Cast iron with brass bolt heads. The front case (4 1/4 w. The front of the case (4 1/4 w. x 5 3/8 h.) is a removable recessed plate. The sides are canted toward the back plate, which measures 4 1/2 x 5 7/8. The door edge (6 1/4l. x 1' w.) has a raised bead on the front & a 1/4 lip on the back. A bit key would operate the locking mechanism from both sides, but no key is included. Unmarked. KNOBS: Hollow, solid brass knobs 2 1/4 d. with a 4 1/4 l. steel spindle. The rimlock works & retains its old black paint with scattered rust areas & wear. The knobs have very light signs of wear spots. All parts are guaranteed original. NOTE: Price includes the shipping cost over & above that added automatically in the shopping basket for the furthest postal zone from 17110. If you are a buyer in a closer zone, inquire about saving on shipping. 
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All walnut. Fixed & sliding heads (each 5 1/2 l.) on a 20 1/2 l. x 1 3/16 x 5/16 bar. Headsare 15/16 sq. where they meet the bar & taper down with chamfering to 5/8 sq. ends where steel pins have been inserted. Above the bar, heads are octogonally chamfered giving the appearance of hammer heads. Sliding head has a small square hole for insertion of tighting wedge. The stationary head is nailed to the bar. There are scribe marks around the hole in the sliding head & the slot where the bar is inserted in the stationary head. Unmarked. Heavy & well-worn dark walnut varnish stain overall. The bar has a 2 split close to the stationary head, which has a 1/2 split in its end. 
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